Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Idea: DIY Bridesmaid Brunch with Gift Box

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Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Idea: DIY Bridesmaid Brunch with Gift Box

I’ve been researching my bridesmaid proposal since it existed on Pinterest. Actually, it was probably one of the most exciting parts about getting married, if I’m being honest. If I said that preparing this bridesmaid brunch (where I asked my six coolest friends to be my bridesmaids) wasn’t the most fun I’d had in a while, I’d be lying for sure. I’ve always known that I would do a bridesmaid proposal in a special way, but I felt it needed to be taken a step further, into the land of “extra”, where I live most of my life.
A bridesmaid proposal is a time to show the girls how much they really mean to you, but I also wanted them to get to know each other really well. Because, if we’re being honest here, I want all of my bridesmaids to be together a lot over the course of the next year and a half, so I need them to love each other as much as I love each of them. Most of them had met each other before, but there were some new faces at brunch. Safe to say: it went well.
Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Idea: DIY Bridesmaid Brunch with Gift Box Table Setting

The Goal

So the hope for Bridesmaids Brunch and my bridesmaid proposal was to have everyone meet/get to know each other/catch up (and say YES of course), while receiving a formal invitation to join my bridesmaid crew, formally known now as “Bridesmaid Bitches” (their idea, not mine). This is going to be a great 1.5 years, am I right?

The Table

I set the table with handcrafted boxes labeled with their name and special goodies inside. The hope was for them to walk in and see their boxes first thing so they’d realize what this was. I then added some garland that I borrowed from my MOH. She bought them from Hobby Lobby in the clearance section. It’s the green baby’s breath garland; you can find it here. The decorative vases are some of my all-time favorite finds. I use them so often, and found them at Walmart!


Mimosa Bar

Well you know what, you can’t have a mingling session without a little alcohol. What’s better at brunch than mimosas?…. I’ll wait.
Yeah, your girl didn’t disappoint. Three flavors of juice, all new to me. I do have to say that Aldi’s juice game isn’t losing, and the Cranberry Pineapple was to die for.*
Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Idea: DIY Bridesmaid Brunch with Gift Box Mimosa Bar
*had I gotten my way, and money and time were no object, I would have made the juices myself. But your girl is pretty busy these days, so store bought would just have to do.
Brunch wouldn’t be complete without some breakfast food. In a perfect world I would have made Eggs Benedict but who am I kidding? We had eggs, bacon, and sausage. I didn’t want to subject them to that kind of torture aka eating my experimental food.
Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Idea: DIY Bridesmaid Brunch with Gift Box Table Setting

A Handmade Sign

My mom knows the importance of popping the question in the best way. She helped me make a sign they could all see as they walked into the kitchen – a beautiful sign hand-crafted from colors I am currently envisioning for the wedding, made by a Cricut. The font that I chose was based on the amount of space we had on the poster board. I’m kind of obsessed over how it turned out. I love it!
Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Idea: DIY Bridesmaid Brunch with Gift Box
I cannot begin to explain how big of a help the Cricut is. If you’re into throwing parties: it’s the only way. Seriously. Get one. (And also get a mom who knows how to use it extensively, owns every cartridge, and is willing to put in late nights making signs for your parties.) ((You da best, mom.))
My mom has an older cricut I use often. It only operates with cartridges which give it the design cutting templates. The newer cricuts use Bluetooth and the internet to be able to access any design you want cut pretty much ever, so I would recommend one of those. It’s definitely on my Christmas list this year!

The Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Next came the gifts. It was a process finding the perfect gift for my girls, and I went through several ideas before landing on the one I selected. Let’s just say I got kinda lucky with deals, too.
Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Idea: DIY Bridesmaid Brunch with Gift Box Gifts Goodies Jewelry Stamping Necklaces

Contained in my boxes:

  1. A fall flower I got at Walmart for $0.50 each. I thought these flowers were cute, and I found them so cheap so I threw them in there. They have a clip on the back so that they can clip it somewhere to serve as a reminder of my love for them.
  2. A succulent. I thought these might be out of my price range, but then one day I stumbled through Aldi’s and foud these mini succulents for $1.50 each. Score! I also bought one for myself because they were so cute.
  3.  A necklace, handcrafted by me. Jewelry stamping is one of my favorite crafts to fiddle with, and I had so much fun making their necklaces. They were simple, just a circle pendant on a chain. And I stamped their first name initial into their pendant. Pendants don’t cost much. I already had stamping materials. The only thing I had to buy for this was their chains. Chains can be a bit pricey but I saved money in other places: it worked out! (Metal stamped jewelry is such a fun, unique gift to give for almost every occasion. If you’re interested in learning how to do this craft, watch some YouTube videos about it and try buying a starter kit. You’ll have so much fun!)
  4. And last but not least, nail polish! Each bridesmaid got a different color, and all of the colors were colors I want in the wedding.
Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Idea: DIY Bridesmaid Brunch with Gift Box
(I spy with my little eye, the tiniest little necklace in the bottom right-hand corner.)
Each of their gift boxes had hand-crafted name tags on the front, which didn’t take me much time at all.
Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Idea: DIY Bridesmaid Brunch with Gift Box Succulents


What I would recommend is shopping around to find some good deals for these gifts. When you’re buying several (in my case, six) of each thing, and you want to put several things in each girls’ box, a bridesmaid proposal can get quite expensive really fast.
Find some good deals and roll with it! It might not be exactly your first vision, but it’ll look great and come from the heart. That’s what matters anyways. Your girls will love it.
Try to personalize things yourself. (Get crafty, is what I’m saying.) If you want monogrammed gifts for each of your maids, that can get pricey on places like Etsy and Amazon. Try to do it yourself any way you know how!
Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you being here, and I would love for you to share it if you found my bridesmaid proposal helpful!
If you’re interested in receiving some of my help planning a small even like this, reach out. I’d love to bounce ideas back and forth.

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