Life is the Bubbles: DIY Under the Sea Theme Baby Shower

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Cute DIY Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas

Planning an Under the Sea baby shower was, well, sort of like a really awesome Christmas gift for me. In February.

When I found out my brother was having a baby with Abby, I was thrilled. We’d finally have a new baby in the family (the last one was me, 23 years ago), I’d get to be an auntie (or Aunt T), and just maybe I might get to plan a baby shower. All extremely exciting things for me, personally.

I was equally as thrilled when Abby told me she wanted an Under the Sea baby shower because, hello, is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard of? A super on-theme baby shower was comin’ right up! Oh, and did I mention that me, my mom, and my grandma pulled this off in a little under two weeks? But it was definitely all we had hoped for and more.

We have no troubles, life is the bubbles under the sea.

Under the Sea Baby Shower Decor

Cute DIY Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas Photo Booth with Hanging Jellyfish

Photo Booth

This photo booth might have been my favorite part of the under the sea baby shower. It was so creative and the way it came together was so perfect. The seaweed is just lime green streamers that are twisted and pinned to the wall. The fish are cut outs using a cricut and plain 12 x 12 scrapbook paper.

The jellyfish were what made the whole operation, in my opinion. They turned out so well! They were Styrofoam balls sliced with a knife to cut about a third of them off at the bottom. I then rounded the semispheres by pressing them down into a hard surface. I stuck a pointy wooden dowel (kabob stick) through the center of them to create a tunnel for the fish line to go through and secured the fish line to the base of the jellyfish. Then, I spray painted them lavender and crumpled up lavender streamers to attach to the bottom. Voila! Hanging jellyfish. The cutest. thing. ever.

Cute DIY Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas Dessert Table Decoration and Design

Dessert Table Decor

My mom and I had a heck of a time with this dessert table setup. Getting things (particularly heavy things) to attach to a carpeted wall…it’s not easily done. With hard work though, we accomplished our goal. We loved the way it turned out, too! It was perfect for our under the sea baby shower.

The netting is just a simple net we bought from Party City and the balloons were from an Under the Sea baby shower party pack on Amazon. I can’t find the exact one we used, but this one was similar. We bought star fish on Amazon as well, like these here.

Cute DIY Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas Dessert Table Decorations and Design

Handmade Sign

We love using the cricut to make handmade signs for our parties. They are always so unique, colorful, and such a nice touch to any party setup. And for an under the sea baby shower, it was a no-brainer what kind of colors we would choose.

Cute DIY Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas Table Decorations Live Fish

Table Settings

We had a bit of fun with our live fish table setup. We actually gave them away as prizes, and some of the little girls were over-the-moon about getting to take them home! It worked out as a win-win, unless you count me staying up all night the night before the party worrying that they would all be dead by morning. As you can see, they were perfectly fine.

They have these fish bowls at Walmart, Dollar Tree, and if you’re lucky, sometimes you can find them in a grandma, mom, or mother-in-law’s attic like I did. 

*Actually, most of them are still fine. My little cousins still have them. 🙂

Fish Food

Cute DIY Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas Cupcake Toppers and Cupcake Display on Dessert Table

Instead of cake we decided to go with cupcakes because: 

  1. My grandma makes a darn good cupcake.
  2. We found these adorable cupcake toppers on Amazon

Put together with these cupcake stands that my Grandma has had for years and they looked adorable!

Cute DIY Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas Sea Water for Drink of Choice, On theme Food and Drink

Instead of punch, my mom found this awesome recipe for sea water on Pinterest. We expected a bit more blu-ish tint to the color but, sea water can be green, right?

Also not pictured: We had a mimosa bar since our party started in the late morning. And we can’t forget snacks-there was plenty of chex mix to go around.

Under the Sea Baby Shower Activities

Cute DIY Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas Headband Decorating Area

Headband Making Craft

The mom-to-be was so excited about this part of the shower that she wanted to bring this stuff herself. She arrived with all kinds of headband making cutsies and we set them up on a table for guests to help themselves to! And let me tell ya: our new mama wasn’t wrong. The guests loved it! They used every single headband within a pretty short amount of time, and they all raved about that activity at the party.

Cute DIY Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas Guess How Many Baby Shower Game with Prize

Guess How Many Fish

Every baby shower has to come with a prize for winning some game, right? So we incorporated a jar of gold fish and had people make guesses. The closest one to the right answer received a bag of cute, under the sea themed decor for a bathroom or bedroom!

Cute DIY Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas Advice in a Bottle

Advice for Mom and Dad (in a bottle)

This was one of my favorite parts about the party: the advice in a bottle. I bought this bottle from Hobby Lobby and at half price, it was only $5. My mom and I made these scrolls with cute pieces of twine the night before, and put them in a wicker basket for people to unfold and use. 

By the end of the party, the advice bottle was full, and it was so fun seeing Addison and Abby crack it open to read all the advice inside.

Cute DIY Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas Favor Idea Bath Salts From my Shower to Yours

On-Theme Party Favors

As our way of saying thank you to everyone who came, we included little bottles of bath salts they could take home and use. The little jars we used for them were on-theme and affordable. Awesome, right?

The sources for our favors were:

  • Containers: glass bottles with a cork topper, with a little “message in a bottle” feel to them
  • Bath Salts: purple because, well, lavender smells so nice

A Beachy Playlist

We also had the cherry on top of a perfect party with an awesome music soundtrack to play! The Little Mermaid’s soundtrack had too much talking in it and when I tried to play ocean sounds people wondered what that mysterious swooshing noise was in the background.

So I finally started playing the Beach Boys and it was a hit! 

Cute DIY Under the Sea Baby Shower Ideas

After all the hustle and bustle of pulling this party together in less than two weeks, I was ready for a much needed break.

Thanks for stopping by to enjoy my content, and let me know what you think in the comments!

Interested in working with me? Reach out! I’d love to hear from you about your ideas for your next party and how I can help.

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  1. Great decor and a great theme! I’m glad to know you’re able to throw a party like this and the goldfish go on to live a happy life!

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