11 Simple and Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas

11 Simple and Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Baby showers have to be some of my favorite parties out there. For someone like me who’s a biology nerd, pregnancy is freaking cool! So what’s better than coming together and celebrating a miracle for your preggo girl out there? I’ll answer for you: nothing. And what’s better than having a super simple baby shower theme that doesn’t require much work to make beautiful? Also nothing.

So without further ado, check out my top simple baby shower theme ideas..

Baby it’s Cold Outside

11 Simple and Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas: Baby it's Cold Outside

By Elizabeth Smillie of elizabethsmillie.com ( Click Here for Details )

This is such a creative theme idea for anyone having a baby in the winter months! And who doesn’t love a hot chocolate bar? This would be very simple for someone to host in a house already full of winter decorations. There wouldn’t be much more to do than that!

Under the Sea Theme

By Tanea Herbert of 440 Montgomery ( Click Here for Details )

I had so much fun throwing this shower for my brother’s girlfriend and their new baby! Complete with all the themed food, drink, and decor (including fish on the table, living fish). Check it out here, if you can handle the splendor.

Fiesta Themed Baby Shower

11 Simple and Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas: Fiesta Theme

From Brittany Bertuzzi @ Sideline Socialite ( Click Here for Details )

Four words: who doesn’t love tacos? (Are conjunctions considered one word or two? I’m assuming one.) This is the cutest little baby shower set up that can reasonably be achieved, too! Forget the fancy cake stands, all Brittany needs are some colorful containers and she has herself the cutest food table.

Oh, and the play on words (“taco bout a baby”) had me clicking before I even knew what I was doing.

Winnie the Pooh

11 Simple and Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas: Winnie the Pooh, Disney Character

By Jennifer Sbranti @ Hostess with the Mostess ( Click Here for Details )

When I was growing up I was obsessed with Winnie the Pooh. We’re talking room decorated in Pooh Bear, I had all the movies, like I was certifiably insane about it. As an adult, not obsessed with him anymore usually, but in the circumstance of this party I’m beyond obsessed.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

11 Simple and Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

From Flavia @ Neat House. Sweet Home ( Click Here for Details )

This theme is very common on the Pinterest scene right now, but if you don’t mind choosing a theme that been seen far and wide, this is a good option because there are tons of ideas out there! It’s very simple to make this theme look grade-A adorable, too!

Harry Potter Theme

11 Simple and Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas: Harry Potter Theme

By Alice Mongkonglite via BuzzFeed ( Click Here for Details )

It doesn’t get much nerdier than this, ladies! But in all seriousness: if someone threw a shower for me with this theme I would die from pure joy. Think of all the themed food, activities, and decor. I can’t take the excitement this idea brings me!

Ready to Pop

11 Simple and Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas: Ready to POP

Party Hosted by Operation Shower ( Click Here for Details )

Article Written by Janssen Bradshaw at Everyday Reading

This theme is cute if not purely for all of the cute food ideas. Pop corn, cake pops, you name it: it’s adorable. Plus, bonus points if your preggo is super pregnant at the time of the baby shower.


11 Simple and Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas: Adventure Theme

Party By Kelly Leeves at Leeves & Berries ( Click Here for Details )

This idea is becoming increasingly popular, and I love it too. It’s such a nice sentiment, because after all, this will be the momma’s biggest adventure in her life to date!


11 Simple and Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas: Woodland Creature Theme

Aubri at The DIY Lighthouse ( Click Here for Details )

There are many different variations of woodland themed baby showers, most a little less bright in color. However, I chose this one to show the versatility of the woodland theme, and any theme really. Make it what you want, but this is adorable!


11 Simple and Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas: Camping and Glamping Theme

By Erin Lepperd @ Style me Pretty ( Click Here for Details )

If you head over to Erin’s blog, you’ll see that this party was super cute but also super simple. There weren’t a ton of decorations but still managed to be an adorable little party. And the canoe? I mean c’mon?!

Very Hungry Caterpillar

11 Simple and Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas: Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme

By Aubri at The DIY Lighthouse ( Click Here for Details )

This is a super unique theme idea, and it’s actually quite interesting. There is an eating schedule that follows along with the book. And since I love everything to be super on-theme all the time, I fell in love. Hop over to The DIY Lighthouse and check it out if you want to be amazed!

There you have it, my top 7 simple baby shower theme ideas! If you love one that isn’t on here, jump down to the comments section and share! Me and the others visiting this blog would love to hear your thoughts.

If your interested in working with me on you next baby shower as well, reach out. Even if we don’t officially work together, I’d love to hear about your ideas and help you brain storm! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, and if you found this helpful could you do one little thing for me? Maybe give it a repin on Pinterest? I would love that so much and you’d really help a sister out.

5 thoughts on “11 Simple and Neutral Baby Shower Theme Ideas”

  1. I think I need to have at least 11 babies because I love ALL of these shower themes! Lol. The “Under the Sea” theme with the live goldfish? Totally genius!

  2. These ideas are all so cute! One thing I wished would have been done for my baby shower is books instead of cards. We did this for my son’s first birthday and loved it. We asked everyone to bring a book with a note to our son written inside the cover instead of a card.

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