DIY Mimosa Bar Setup: Brunch Ideas

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DIY Mimosa Bar Setup: Brunch Ideas

A brunch mimosa bar… who doesn’t love it?

I’ll be blunt: if you don’t like mimosas, I don’t think you’re even human. They are the tastiest concoctions on the planet, and super cheap to put together too!

Every single time I’ve used a mimosa bar at one of my parties, not kidding, they were the hit of the whole shindig.

A mimosa bar is a great addition to many occasions and is super easy to put together. Believe me, any time I can find an excuse for one it is there.

DIY Mimosa Bar Setup: Brunch Ideas

These Occasions Love a Mimosa Bar

  • Any Brunch or Breakfast (or any of these other events during brunch/breakfast/lunch time)
  • A Baby Shower
  • A Birthday Party
  • A Bridal Shower
  • A Bachelorette Party

Cute Canisters

DIY Mimosa Bar Setup: Brunch Ideas

I found these adorable decanters from Aldi and I love them! They were only $6 per decanter, but since you can’t search Aldi products online I will link to them on Amazon here.

Sourcing Your Juices

DIY Mimosa Bar Setup: Brunch Ideas

I think it is a lovely idea to make your own juices if you have the time and the supplies. However, being that I didn’t have as much time as I would love to have before this party, I just bought my juices from Walmart. I love to make them as colorful as possible, though!

We have a wonderful juicer we love that was very affordable. We bought it from Amazon and it still works great after 3 years. We don’t use it but probably once every couple of months because it does require a lot of time to clean it and such, but we love having it.

Add Some Fruit

I didn’t add any fruit to this setup but it is lovely to do so. Adding some skewers with fresh fruit on them is a great idea, or you can always just add small bowls of fruit so that visitors may drop them in the bottom of their glasses. Whatever you prefer!

Glass vs. Plastic Champagne Flutes

DIY Mimosa Bar Setup: Brunch Ideas

I finally invested in real, glass champagne flutes instead of using the plastic party ones from Walmart this time. The change was welcomed, I assure you. And after all the brunch mimosa bars I’ve setup, it was time.

My champagne flutes are from TJ Maxx, which I highly recommend shopping there for some cute mimosa bar supplies before paying full price elsewhere. However, these I found on Amazon are super cheap and of good quality.

Don’t Forget the Flowers

DIY Mimosa Bar Setup: Brunch Ideas

The live flower bouquet is always a nice touch. It breaths life into your setup and adds some warmth to the table. Never a bad idea, especially for a brunch mimosa bar!

All in all, I think a brunch mimosa bar is fantastic for any occasion full of people who love mimosas (which, let’s be honest, doesn’t everyone?).

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! If you liked what I shared, could you help a sister out and share it on Pinterest? It would mean the world to me! & looking for a cute galentine’s day themed mimosa brunch? Click here, because how funny, I made a whole post about one!

And if you have anything to add, don’t be scared. Leave a comment or reach out! I’d love to hear from you.

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