What’s It Like to Work with Me: Planing your Next Pinterest-Worthy Party

Hey, I know we all want to be everything for everyone.

I see you out there working hard to do just that. I see you trying to be in 4 places at once while you’re grocery bag splits open in the Walmart parking lot and your baby food spills out all over the parking lot to reveal that, indeed, you’re not feeding your baby homemade baby food. But how could there possibly be time for that?!

I see you rushing home from work and trying to muster up the energy to call your sister back because you love her but oh my gosh work today… it was exhausting.

I see you trying to tidy up the house while you return your hairdressers call because you missed your appointment this morning that you 100% just forgot about.

I see you.

You do so much for everyone else. You are trying to be everything for everyone and on the outside, sister you are rocking it! Life is messy, but I bet if you wound up here that you are killing it. But what are you sacrificing to kill it?

Are there things you wanna do that you haven’t been able to for months? Have you been dying to sit down and read that new book? Have you been killing for a bath with some peace and quiet for like, a measly 15 minutes?

Well I wanted to tell you in case you haven’t already heard: umm, serioulsy, you deserve that.

It’s time to take back your space.

It’s time to start outsourcing.

Why Outsourcing is Necessary

What is that thing you dread doing? What’s outside your zone of genius, meaning that it takes you a long time because it’s just not your thing? What do you desperately want the results of (finished laundry) that you are dying to not have to do yourself (folding the laundry)?

Well let me tell you a secret: there’s someone out there, probably even in your community, that follows you on instagram, or that goes to your church that loves to do laundry.

Imagine a world where your laundry could be done without you having to give it a second thought. And the mental, physical, and emotional space it would free up for you if that laundry was done would change your day, week, dare I say life?

(Maybe that last one was a bit extreme.) But I do believe the more you outsource, the happier you will be/feel/exude.

Not to mention, it could improve someone else’s life 10 fold by paying them to do something they love, rather than sitting at that boring office job all day that they hate.

So here’s the thing:

Let me take something off of your plate.

Do you know how long it takes to put together a party that is DIYed, special, and thoughful for whomever is receiving it? Answer: a freaking long time! And I know that you do not have that kind of time.

But you want for that special person in your life to realize how special they are and really feel it on their day. Well, you and me can make that happen together.

It has taken me a while to come to know: this is my thing. This is my zone of genius. This is the thing that I can get lost in for hours and hours. This is my passion.

If it isn’t yours, there is nothing to lose by hiring someone to do it for you.

What I can do for You

There’s a variety of things I can do for you to make throwing your party a much better experience.

What do you not like to do? What do you not know how to do?

  • Maybe you want one of those big, dreamy looking balloon garlands for your next shindig. Save the YouTube and Amazon shopping stress and let me handle it for you!
  • Maybe you hate hate hate sending out invitations. I can do that.
  • Maybe you just want the whole thing handled. You can be left stress-free to fully enjoy the party, no qualms!

I’m here to make your next party experience fantastic. I want you to love every second!

Here are some of the parties I adore helping with:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Bridal Showers
  • Graduation Parties
  • Holiday Parties (Halloween is my favorite!)
  • Any other family gathering like anniversary celebrations
  • Oh, and I would die to help with a murder mystery party. Get it? 🙂

If this sounds like something you could be interested in, reach out! I’d love to help you you’d kind of be making my day, too.

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