7 Unique and Simple Baby Shower Theme Ideas for Girls

Throwing a baby shower for that special momma-to-be in your life? Here are 7 simple and unique baby shower theme ideas for girls!

Researching these baby shower theme ideas for girls was so fun. Man-oh-man do I love talkin’ party themes. And baby showers? Well they might just be my favorite type of celebration.

There’s a certain level of excitement that comes along with welcoming a new life into the world. It’s unmatched by bridal showers and graduation parties, let me tell you.

And listen, I think almost any theme is going to be good. As long as you pick a theme and stick with it, it’s going to be top notch. Whether you’re thinking a girly party, a rugged theme, or more gender neutral, I have you covered.

So if you don’t see something here that lights that fire in your creative eye, then check out this post. It shares 11 neutral baby shower theme ideas, and they are also to die for! And if you’re creative enough, you can put a girly spin on just about any theme you can think of.

So without further ado, here are my top 7 favorite baby shower theme ideas for girls.

1: Mama to Bee Baby Shower Theme

I think this party speaks for itself. How freaking cute is that????!!!!

Bees are so trendy and for the best reason: they make adorable party decor! The best part? I just added this theme to my Etsy shop. So if you’re in the market for Mama to BEE baby shower decorations, I might just be the girl for you!

2: Under the Sea/Mermaid Theme

Throwing a baby shower for that special momma-to-be in your life? Here are 7 simple and unique baby shower theme ideas for girls!

I designed this party and let me tell you, it was the most fun. We basically decorated the entire hall. You literally left land when you stepped in that room and were transported down to an oceanic reef of my creation.

When you pick a theme so vast, there are so many options. That’s what I loved about this party. The opportunity to really go crazy. Check out more details about this party below.

3: Baby in Bloom Spring Shower Theme

Is your momma-to-be super trendy? Because this theme, with all its greenery and beautiful flower colors make this the perfect theme for her! This theme should definitely be on your list.

Oh, and maybe a flower crown for the new momma? I think yes.

4: Little Cutie Baby Shower Theme

A little cutie theme is perfectly adorable for a girl baby shower, or gender neutral too! That’s one of the reasons I love this versatile theme.

5: Ballerina Theme

Have a momma-to-be that’s into dance and all things frilly? This would be a perfect theme!

Not to mention, the pros of this theme:

  • It would be super low maintenance. Just throw a pink party and add some tutus and ballerina slippers. Done.
  • Because of ^ that reason, it would be super cost-effective.
  • Because there’s no specific image you’re trying to create, you could thrift almost all the decoration for this party. Another reason it would be cost-effective.

6: Parisian Tea Party Theme

Throwing a baby shower for that special momma-to-be in your life? Here are 7 simple and unique baby shower theme ideas for girls!
Click Here for Details

Everyone knows a woman in their life that would love a Parisian themed baby shower. We’ve all got at least one!

This party is unique, stunning, and would be perfect for a sophisticated brunch theme. And trust me, you could make this work without the fake cafe wall!

7: Beauty and the Beast Theme

Now isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? If your momma-to-be is a fan of Beauty and the Beast at all, that is perfect reason enough to throw this themed shower.

This shower might be a bit more costly than the average themed baby shower because the nature of this movie is to be awfully fancy. But if you’re thrifty and you get a head-start on this party, I think you could pull it off for a decent price!

There’s nothing I love more than talking baby shower themes. Baby showers are so special to throw, and you can get pretty creative with those themes!

If you’re looking for more theme ideas, I have a list of 11 neutral baby shower theme ideas. You can check that out here.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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