A Little Lemon – Summer Baby Shower Themes

A Little Lemon - Summer Baby Shower Themes

Are you looking for the perfect summer baby shower themes? Look no further: the baby shower you’ve been searching for is here and it’s anything but sour.

The Lemon theme is something I’ve been wanting to try out for a long time. It is the first theme I’ve really allowed myself to go all out with my creativity. Let me just say, I think it paid off!

So when you’re creating a baby shower all things lemon, you can use this kit to purchase all of your decorations in one place.

Everything You Need in One Place

I created the kit to be everything you need, in one place. That equals a beautiful summer baby shower themes event with minimal hair pulling. Here is what is included in the kit:

1-“Little” & “Lemon” Banner

1-Lemons Banner

1-Bag of Lemon Confetti

10-Decorative Lemon Paper Straws

10-Cupcake Toppers


1-Cake Topper

Buy the Full Kit and Add Tablecloths, Plates, and Balloons if you wish!

The Invitations

I crafted these invitations with the trendy gal in mind – perfect for the classy, trendy baby shower brunch of your dreams.

The Dessert Table

A Little Lemon - Summer Baby Shower Themes
A Little Lemon - Summer Baby Shower Themes
A Little Lemon - Summer Baby Shower Themes

I created the lemon baby shower decorations kit to be similar to my “little cutie” oranges themed kit. It’s a best-seller so I wanted to create something that could withstand the test of time like it did.

A Little Lemon - Summer Baby Shower Themes

With these banners I really allowed myself to experiment: new patterns, new colors, and glitter everywhere.

The glitter paper really adds to this banner and makes it pop. Of course, pictures can never do it justice.

The Lemonade Stand

A Little Lemon - Summer Baby Shower Themes

How can you have a lemon baby shower without a lemonade stand? Answer: you can’t.

This lemonade stand turned out so perfect that I couldn’t stop looking at it. The cart that is holding everything in the photo is an antique I bought off of Facebook Marketplace for – *wait for it* – $15.

And decorating the rest was easy! Those lemon paper straws definitely make it easier to pull the whole thing together.

Have any questions about planning a baby shower? Check out my free baby shower planning guide here!

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