A Little Lemon – Summer Baby Shower Theme

A Little Lemon - Summer Baby Shower Themes

Are you looking for the perfect summer baby shower themes? Look no further: the baby shower you’ve been searching for is here and it’s anything but sour!

The Lemon theme is something I’ve been wanting to try out for a long time. It is the first theme I’ve really allowed myself to go all out with my creativity. Let me just say, I think it paid off! I’m obsessed to say the least.

So buckle up because this post is documenting it all!

The Invitations

Let’s be honest – you might think your event begins when you your guests start to trickle in on the day of. However, the event really starts now. When you’re planning.

& one very important part of that planning is making sure you set the tone for your event from the beginning. Actually, from when the guests receive your invitation. The invitation can set the tone for so many things like:

  • if your shower is fancy, laidback, or somewhere in the middle
  • what guests should wear to the shower and bring as a gift
  • the activities you’ll be planning
  • & so on..

Make sure to set the correct tone, that is, whatever tone you want, for your event. You can do this with the right invitation.

I designed this invitation set to accompany a classic mom-to-be who’s looking for an elegant back yard vibe at her baby shower. Think a high class backyard tea party, but with lemonade instead! The kind of baby shower you might see in Bridgerton-

The Dessert Table

With these banners I really allowed myself to experiment: new patterns, new colors, and glitter everywhere.

The glitter paper really adds to this banner and makes it pop. Of course, pictures can never do it justice.

I created the kit to be everything you need, in one place. That equals a beautiful summer baby shower themes event with minimal hair pulling.

The Lemonade Stand

A Little Lemon - Summer Baby Shower Themes

How can you have a lemon baby shower without a lemonade stand? Answer: you can’t.

This lemonade stand turned out so perfect that I couldn’t stop looking at it. The cart that is holding everything in the photo is an antique I bought off of Facebook Marketplace for – *wait for it* – $15! I don’t think I’ll ever get that lucky again!

My grandma had an antique kitchen scale where I could pile lemons, & I got the farmers market vase at Walmart. *Chef’s Kiss*

And decorating the rest was easy! Those lemon paper straws definitely make it easier to pull the whole thing together.

Have any questions about planning a baby shower? Check out my free baby shower planning guide here!

As always, thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I hope this post was helpful to you! & if it was could you do me a small little favor? Just pin it to Pinterest for me and I would *love* that!

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