How to Choose Baby Shower Games in 5 Easy Steps

Looking for some printable baby shower games? I wrote this post to guide you through choosing the perfect games for your next baby shower.

Planning a baby shower can be quite an adventure. From the venue to the food, there are so many choices to be made. So let me make picking your printable baby shower games easy – because *yes* there is a right and wrong way to do it.

The goal of baby shower games are to entertain your guests. They take a bit of pressure off of the mama to be to entertain and may even allow people to get to know each other a bit better. That’s a pretty important role for games in your baby shower so we want to make sure they are done *right*.

That’s why I’m here! I want you to feel confident in your ability to pick games that will be *perfect* for the baby shower you’re planning and entertain all those guests. This post will teach you that.. I’m sure of it!

Looking for some printable baby shower games? I wrote this post to guide you through choosing the perfect games for your next baby shower.

1: Start by Asking Mama to Be What She Likes

Or, rather, what she doesn’t like.

The mother to be is the honored guest, the center of attention, and it’s her day. There shouldn’t be any games planned that she doesn’t like.

Maybe being the center of attention is not her preference. Therefore, let’s pick some games that don’t necessarily put her on the spot or make her a focal games. There are tons that would accommodate this request, so don’t stress!

2: Understand the Categories of Games

I like to think of games in categories. There are a couple reason I choose this approach: it allows you to mix and match categories which keeps the party fresh and it clearly lays out your options.

Below I’ll list out the categories I’ve seen used and some of my favorite games inside each category:

Luck-Based Games

  • Bingo
  • Guessing the Pregnant Belly Size with Toilet Paper
  • Purse Scavenger Hunt
  • Phone Scavenger Hunt

Shower-Long Games

  • Guess How Many (beans in a jar, etc.)
  • Pacifier Hunt
  • Diaper Raffle

Recall Games

  • Name the Baby Disney Characters
  • Nursery Rhyme Scramble
  • Animal Gestation Game
  • Baby Items Over or Under

Who Knows Her Best Games

  • Would She Rather
  • Who Know’s the Dad Best
  • Mommy or Daddy Guess Who

3: Use Categories that are Appropriate for Your Shower

There are lots of reasons one category might work better than others. It typically is based on what your guests are like – is it a small, close-knit group? Maybe it’s 50+ people, all friends and family. Maybe you’re inviting distant family that really don’t know much about the mother to be. In any case, there are games for any type of shower.

Luck-Based Games

Great for any baby shower of any size. It allows everyone to get involved and doesn’t require any previous knowledge of having kids and/or the mom to do well.

Shower-Long Games

Shower-Long Games are a staple! I love including at least one of these for every shower. It usually gives people a reason to get up and move around the room to look at all of your beautiful decor. You worked hard, your guests might as well enjoy it!

Recall Games

Recall games are a great option, but make sure to remember your audience when you choose exactly which ones you’d like to do. For example, picking a game based on the price of baby items might be tough for a young person who’s never had kids.

However, as long as your mixing and matching games so as not to have 4 games that the same person won’t like – you should be fine on that front.

Who Knows Her Best Games

These types of games are great for small, intimate gathers. When extended family gathers and there are 50+ people at your event, this might not be the best option. Not everyone will know the mother to be as well as close friends and family, so they might not enjoy these games as thoroughly as others.

4: Mix and Match with Intention

Realizing that all of your guests aren’t going to love all of the games is also part of the process. Play whatever kind of games you want, but don’t leave your great aunt sit in the back and be bored during three rounds of Who Knows Her Best type games.

What I recommend for any baby shower is to mix and match these categories with your guests and your mother to be in mind. There is a perfect compromise out there!

With that being said, here’s a lineup of games that would work perfectly for most any shower:

  1. A Shower-Long Game (Example: Pacifier Hunt)
  2. A Recall Game (Example: Name that Baby Disney Character)
  3. A Luck-Based Game (Baby Bingo)

This is the perfect setup because it doesn’t single anyone out. Everyone should be able to participate equally. The shower-long game will encourage moving and chatting with unfamiliar people while the luck-based game will be a full activity and take some time up during the shower.

5: Dream Up Some On-Theme Prizes

The whole reason people play baby shower games: a great prize!

Style points are always given for on-theme prizes. Some of my favorite examples and their themes are listed out below to give you a lil’ inspo!

  • A Bee Themed Baby Shower – Local Honey
  • A Baby in Bloom Baby Shower – Floral Arrangements
  • A Little Cutie Baby Shower – A Citrus-Themed Pampering Kit
  • Any Baby Shower Theme – Assorted (on-theme) Cookies

Now that you have all the information you need to choose the greatest baby shower games of all time, I can’t wait for you to get out there and do so!

By the way, if you’re looking for some free, printable baby shower games I’ve got you covered girlfriend. Check out my completely free baby shower games download here:

Looking for some printable baby shower games? I wrote this post to guide you through choosing the perfect games for your next baby shower.

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