Baby Shower Venues: The How-To Guide to Finding the Perfect One

Lost in a sea of baby shower venues? Start finding venues and crossing them off your list until you find the perfect one with these 5 steps.

From a friendly backyard bash to the most elegant high tea soiree, there are so many options when it comes to baby shower venues. And getting the perfect one? It seems impossible and also super tiring. But never fear – your trusty baby shower venue guide is here!

After reading this post, you will feel empowered because you will learn how to strategically pick a baby shower venue for your event which will allow you to breeze through that part of the baby shower planning process.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

1: Gather Your Venue Criteria

There are certain parameters we’re all bound to when we’re trying to plan an event. The allotted budget, your event’s headcount, where you are located, and mama-to-be’s opinion are all critically important here.

Organize this information into one place, like my free baby shower planning workbook, and use it as you start to work through picking a venue. Make sure to note exactly what kind of space you’ll need and ask all the right questions when you call/meet the venue organizers for information.

Lost in a sea of baby shower venues? Start finding venues and crossing them off your list until you find the perfect one with these 5 steps.

2: What’s the Event Vibe?

This is hugely important.

You might be thinking “Tanea, what is an “event vibe” & why in the world is it important. Well, friend, let me tell you.

What takes an event from just a casual meeting and gives it that “it” factor you crave is the overall event vibe. You want your guests to waltz into the shower you’ve planned and feel floored by it’s vibe.

Because, listen, building an amazing event isn’t just about the decoration or the theme. It’s about tying all of those things in together. You want all of these things to be cohesive and fulfill your event vibe:

  • Invitation (a very important part of the event that quite literally sets the tone for what guests will expect)
  • Venue
  • Decorations
  • Activities
  • Registry

Some examples of “event vibes” are:

  • Bohemian
  • Rustic
  • Romantic
  • Chic

^Those examples are just to name a few. You can take the idea of an event vibe and run with it. Create whatever vibe you want! Just know: the theme is a large part of your vibe but your theme isn’t your vibe.

3: Consider the Free Options

I am nothing if not frugal, okay. I learned from the best (hey, mom).

Use your vibe idea from the last step and get creative about how that vibe could be translated in a cost-effective venue strategy. Some examples include:

Rustic = an old barn that can be perfect in the spring or fall with a little cleanup

Romantic = a backyard with lots of pretty flowers

Bohemian = a close friend’s living room with big, picture windows

The possibilities are endless and in some cases, cost-effective.

Lost in a sea of baby shower venues? Start finding venues and crossing them off your list until you find the perfect one with these 5 steps.

4: Gather Intel

If there is anything Facebook is good for, it’s gathering local intel. Ask around to friends and family in your area by posting a question on Facebook. If you ask all of your friends for some good venue ideas and maybe even post a price range I’m sure you’ll get tons of suggestions.

We did this approach for my bridal shower and ended up finding a new, gorgeous venue in the next town over (a 15 minute drive from us) that I had never heard of before but was affordable and beautiful.

5: Start Calling/Touring

Now that you’ve gathered intel on all of your options for baby shower venues, it’s time to narrow down the list (if you need to). Decide how many venues you want to call & tour then set out on a mission to accomplish them all. When you find the venue that’s perfect for your event, you’ll know.

After you follow these 5 steps to assessing baby shower venues, you’ll be a whole lot closer to that dream baby shower you’ve been imagining for a while. The perfect venue is waiting for you!

Oh, and if you’d like to keep all this information tidy and in one place, check out my free baby shower planning workbook. It’ll guide you through the entire process of planning your baby shower with minimal hair-pulling.

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