How to Host a Mama to Bee Baby Shower

have you heard the buzz? Mama to Bee is the cutest baby shower theme of all time, & this article lays out exactly how to host a beautiful bee themed shower.

There are some party themes that truly just make you happy to look at. That’s why I love this bright, bold mama to bee baby shower (& I love it for bridal showers and birthday parties too!).

Welcoming a new baby into your family is a great time to showcase bright colors because, well, the future is *bright* am I right?!

& the best part of this theme: it’s tried and true. It’s a popular theme and for good reason: it’s beautiful! There are countless ideas on the internet about how to apply it and make your baby shower on-theme and SUPER cute. That’s why I had to put this post together and show off some of my favorites.

PS – are you feeling even a little overwhelmed by the idea of throwing a baby shower? No worries! I have a free workbook walking you through how to plan a baby shower step by step.

Continue reading this post to feel inspired to create the perfect mama to bee baby shower of your dreams! I don’t wanna make any promises I can’t keep but let’s just say this post is pretty comprehensive-

Before the Party Starts: The Invitation

Let’s be honest – you might think your event begins when you your guests start to trickle in on the day of. However, the event really starts now. When you’re planning.

& one very important part of that planning is making sure you set the tone for your event from the beginning. Actually, from when the guests receive your invitation. The invitation can set the tone for so many things like:

  • if your shower is fancy, laidback, or somewhere in the middle
  • what guests should wear to the shower
  • the activities you’ll be planning
  • & so on..

Make sure to set the correct tone, that is, whatever tone you want, for your event. You can do this with the right invitation.

I designed this invitation set to accompany a playful shower, one that is highlighted by excitement, cheer, and laughter – bold, bright yellows, fun glittery bees *everywhere*, think: the kind of shower Leslie Knope might throw for Ann Perkins.

The Decorations

I designed this baby shower kit to do a couple things, but mostly this:

take you from frazzled to excited for that baby shower you’re planning.

I’ve seen so many women put off and dread preparing for the decorations at their baby shower. It can be super stressful to have to plan a baby shower to be *perfect* when you don’t really know how. That’s where this kit came from: the idea to help you push past the overwhelm and throw the cutest shower of all time, no hair-pulling required.

Are you ready to feel excited for your shower?

The Final Touch: Balloons

Balloons are the perfect way to add a beautiful design element to your party with minimal planning and pouring over decorations. A lot of times, balloons can be a great stand-alone backdrop for a dessert table, photo booth, or entrance moment.

The way it works:

  1. You order the kit and it gets processed within 1-3 days.
  2. You assemble the balloon garland via the instructions in the kit up to 2 days before your event.
  3. Done!

The Activities

You can’t go to a baby shower without playing some classic baby shower games! I think these games are totally adorable and super easy to print off yourself at home. Quick and easy, yes please!

/When I’m hosting a baby shower I always let mama to be choose what games she wants played. The event is all about her and the new baby, right? They should get to choose!

My other favorite way to entertain people at a shower is with food..

The Food

have you heard the buzz? Mama to Bee is the cutest baby shower theme of all time, & this article lays out exactly how to host a beautiful bee themed shower.

I absolutely adore using donuts at any and all events. They’re somehow so pretty looking (?) and I’d be lying if I said donuts weren’t my sweet food of choice. Actually, I’m getting literally *so* hungry even just looking at that above picture. WOW!

For this particular event I did regular glazed donuts, vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream, and I created a cereal bar because the cereals looked so cute with the bee decorations. The cereals I included were honey-nut cheerios and honeycombs (obviously!). I also had little bowls with spoons, and some milk nearby iced if anyone wanted some cereal.

Also, I bought these little wilton bees and put them on *everything* edible and the guests loved them! So small, so cute, so easy!

If you’ve made it this far you should have all the ideas of how to throw the cutest mama to bee themed baby shower.

Thank you so much for jumping over here to my blog. I appreciate every single reader. No go out and get to partying, sister!

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