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The Queen of the Pivot.

Joy Chaser.

Saddled with college debt in a field I wasn’t passionate about and *terrified* of what people would think, I started my Etsy shop anyway. Several years and over $200k in sales later, I’ve found a career I’m obsessively passionate about. You can too.

Hey there!

I’m the party stylist, Etsy coach, and creative cheerleader you’ve been searching for!

I help people just like you do things like:

design beautiful parties

celebrate your artistic talents by building a business you love.

Those two things might seem really different to you, but for me, they aren’t. I’m a highly visual person and I believe my purpose is to bring more beauty into the world, whether that be helping you design a beautiful party that brings joy and fosters connection or by helping you get your art in the hands of more eager buyers.

The world around you is bursting at the seams with opportunities to spread beauty and joy
so whatcha waiting for?!

My Story

Saddled with college debt from a biology degree I decided wasn’t for me, I pivoted & tried something a bit more creative: I started a blog! (& also delivered pizza on the side, because ya know… bills.)

I called it Parties by Tanea. I photographed and wrote about my experience hosting murder mystery parties, holiday parties, and baby showers. It wasn’t until I got some organic traffic to my blog that my readers started asking me where they could purchase my handmade party supplies. Thanks, Pinterest!

Enter: Etsy

I took a used, hand-me-down cricut from my mom (ya know, one of the old ones that used cartridges and didn’t connect to the internet) and created a top 1% Etsy shop making themed party supplies.

Being an Etsy seller has given me the freedom AND fun I’ve always desired in a job.

When I tell you I’m giddy that I get to work on my business now, you might think it sounds too good to be true, but nope! It’s absolutely possible for you and I’m here to help you do it, too!

My goal: Help talented artists make a living selling the work they’re passionate about on Etsy. If you’re a maker, the world wants to know your product. And as it just so happens, I want to help you leverage Etsy and your marketing strategy to turn that passion into real profits. You and me, we’re basically the dream team.

So what are you waiting for?!

What Makes Me.. Well.. Me!

I became a mama in 2021. In 2022 we bought my grandma’s country home in small-town Indiana and have been slowly renovating it ever since. Caring for my family and for my home brings me so much joy, but it has also taught me to slow down and celebrate the littlest things.

As a highly visual person with perfectionist tendencies – design stole my heart early on in life. From interior design to baby shower invitations, I love creating beautiful things that bring people together.

I love to be around people. It’s part of why I started a business all about hosting parties and why I pivoted into coaching other Etsy shop owners. I could talk for hours!

I’m a serial hobbyist and I can attribute that to my ADHD. Some of my all-time favorite hobbies have been: creating a capsule wardrobe, organizing my home, hiking and studying ecology, interior design, and starting this business.

I’ve always been a bit of a nerd but when I met my husband I really jumped head-first into his world (which is full of video games, Star Wars, and table-top gaming). Some all-time favorites: Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, and Zelda Breath of the Wild. We love any Star Wars content (except ep. 7-9 IFKYK) and our favorite date-day is taking a board game to the coffee shop.

My health has been super important to me since I found out I have diabetes at age 15. I enjoy exercising, particularly indoor cycling (Peloton obsessed!), long walks with the family, and lifting. I majored in biology in college and have a strong foundational knowledge in nutrition and it has fostered a love of cooking, too!

meet the

Casey | Husband | Customer Service Extraordinaire

If you’ve received an Etsy message from me recently, you can bet it was Casey. He does customer service and is also in charge of getting me to calm down when I’m hugely stressing out. He is always writing me reminder notes and getting me to do that thing I forgot to do. Couldn’t do it without him, at least not without a heart attack. His motto:
Let’s just take a deep breath.

Julie | My Mom | Product Maker & Emotional Support

My mom is the woman behind most of the beautiful products that ship out of my shop, as well as sourcing the paper for most of the work. If there is an extra large invoice or a big influx of orders, it’s probably her I’m gonna call for help. In her spare time she loves snuggling grandchildren and making the cutuest handmade greeting cards. Her motto:
*says nothing*
She’s typically pretty quiet.

Winnie | Daughter | Certified Dance Break Expert

Winnie likes to keep us humble and interrupt working with frequent dance breaks. She’s typically singing, and it’s typically Old Macdonald Had a Farm. While I’m working she loves to try and eat all of my products, sit on all the balloons I’m photographing, or receive a bottle *the moment* she requests it and not a second later. Her motto:
It’s not an easy job but someone has to do it.

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