Welcome to the party! You’re right on time (even if you were a few minutes late).

I’m the party stylist, Etsy coach, and creative business cheerleader you’ve been searching for.

I help people just like you do one of two things:


design beautiful parties and celebrate your artistic talents building a business you love.


Those two things might seem really different to you, but for me, they aren’t that far off from eachother…


See, after I spent 4 years chasing a degree in Biology (from IU – go Hoosiers!) I finally got the job I was looking for, but it didn’t exactly come with the title “Dr. Herbert” like I thought it might. I realized during my junior year that a job in science is beautiful in it’s own way but wasn’t quite right for me.


So saddled with three years of a biology degree I wouldn’t need, I decided to pivot & try something a bit more creative: I started a blog! (& also delivered pizza on the side, because ya know… bills.)


Well, I started 3 actually. There was the self-improvement blog.. a passion of mine but ultimately not enough to keep my squirrel brain interested. Then there was the home-renovation blog.. yet another passion that wouldn’t stand the test of time. But then.. the party blog.


I called it Parties by Tanea and photographed and wrote about my experience hosting murder mystery parties, holiday parties, and baby showers. It wasn’t until I got some organic traffic to my blog that my readers started asking me where they could purchase my handmade party supplies.


I took a used, hand-me-down cricut ( ya know, one of the old ones that used cartridges and didn’t connect to the internet) and created a top 1% Etsy shop making themed party supplies.


My route wasn’t a straight shot, but the roundabout twists and curves along the way are all a part of life, and they’ve led me to where I am today.

Being an Etsy seller has given me the freedom AND fun I’ve always desired in a job. Let’s just say that – for me, it’s way better than working in a biology lab.

When I tell you I’m giddy that I get to work on my business now, you might think it sounds too good to be true, but nope! It’s absolutely possible for you and I’m here to help you do it, too!

My goal: Help talented artists make a living selling the work they’re passionate about on Etsy

 If you’re a maker, the world wants to know your product. And as it just so happens, I want to help you leverage Etsy and your marketing strategy to turn that passion into real profits. You and me, we’re basically the dream team.


Ready for your business *and* your next party to get a creative makeover?


Casey | Husband | Customer Service Extraordinaire

If you've received an Etsy message from me recently, you can bet it was Casey. He does customer service and is also in charge of getting me to calm down when I'm hugely stressing out. He is always writing me reminder notes and getting me to do that thing I forgot to do. Couldn't do it without him, at least not without a heart attack. His motto:

Let's just take a deep breath.

Winnie | Daughter | Certified Dance Break Expert

Winnie likes to keep us humble and interrupt working with frequent dance breaks. Her motto:

It's not an easy job but someone has to do it.

Julie | My mom | Paper Flower Roller & Emotional Support

My mom is the woman behind all of the beautiful paper flowers that ship out of my shop, as well as sourcing the paper for most of the work. If there is an extra large invoice or a big influx of orders, it's probably her I'm gonna call for help. In her spare time she loves snuggling grandchildren and making the cutuest handmade greeting cards. Her motto:

*says nothing*
She's typically pretty quiet.