Casey | Husband | Customer Service Extraordinaire

If you've received an Etsy message from me recently, you can bet it was Casey. He does customer service and is also in charge of getting me to calm down when I'm hugely stressing out. He is always writing me reminder notes and getting me to do that thing I forgot to do. Couldn't do it without him, at least not without a heart attack. His motto:

Let's just take a deep breath.

Winnie | Daughter | Certified Dance Break Expert

Winnie likes to keep us humble and interrupt working with frequent dance breaks. Her motto:

It's not an easy job but someone has to do it.

Julie | My mom | Paper Flower Roller & Emotional Support

My mom is the woman behind all of the beautiful paper flowers that ship out of my shop, as well as sourcing the paper for most of the work. If there is an extra large invoice or a big influx of orders, it's probably her I'm gonna call for help. In her spare time she loves snuggling grandchildren and making the cutuest handmade greeting cards. Her motto:

*says nothing*
She's typically pretty quiet.

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