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I’m Tanea & I’m here to help you get more sales on Etsy

You’re ready to harness the power of your unique creativity to stand out in the marketplace and build a career you’re obsessively passionate about. I’m here to help you do exactly that.

Selling your art on Etsy should be a fun, energizing way to make money and create happiness in your life.

You’re struggling to stand out in the Etsy marketplace, frustrated and overwhelmed, and even thinking about giving up. A successful, joy filled Etsy Shop is possible for you, and I’m here to show you how. 🎉

are you


🛑 Feeling lost on the Etsy platform

🛑 Wondering when your next sale will come

🛑 Asking yourself what makes you different from every other shop

🛑 Stressing about having to do #allthethings to grow your business

🛑 Operating out of fear and doubt


✅ Feeling totally confident on Etsy

✅ Running a business where consistent sales is your normal

✅ Harnessing the power of your unique creativity to standout in the marketplace

✅ Using a clear vision for your business to catapult your success

✅ Running a business fueled by your creative passion

Just Imagine…

Walking into your makerspace and pulling out your Etsy app while you get ready for a day of crafting beautiful products and big ideas, and you’re feeling:

Excited to see new orders that came in while you were out, living your life.

Fulfilled knowing that there are paying customers and raving fans who want what YOU can make them.

Confident in your ability to create listing after listing that actually sells.

Sound too good to be true?


full shop audit

I’ll review your shop for all the sales essentials, including:
Shop layout, products and listings, photography, branding, marketing

GOOD FOR: Shop owners who’ve been trying, but feel lost with how to gain more traction with listings.


Comes with an audit then a 30 min Zoom call, action list and chat support to assist in completing your list

Ready to create a game plan?

Etsy power hour

1 whole hour to talk about your shop and create a game plan to solve any issues you’re currently facing

GOOD FOR: New shop owners who want to shorten the Etsy learning curve and fast-track their success


Comes with a Zoom call, action list and chat support to assist in completing your list

Ready to create a game plan?

Learn Etsy on Instagram

Full of great ideas for Etsy sellers and free, monthly trainings you’ll be ready to tackle everything Etsy has to throw at you.

Download the Listing Description Workbook

Let this free resource teach you the ins and outs of your listing descriptions and make sure they are optimized for visibility and sales!

Get Personalized Etsy Coaching

Ready to dive into a strategic, step-by-step plan to grow your Etsy shop? I can’t wait to help you!

people are talking about partying

with Tanea

“Increase in my Conversion Rate”

“I learned so much from Tanea. She’s a great Etsy coach and I have already seen an increase in my conversion rate by implementing her suggestions. [She] provided many actionable steps that were well explained. Getting and expert’s eye on your listings is very insightful and helpful. Thanks, Tanea!”

Brittany, M3CustomDesigns

“Huge increase in sales and traffic”

“Tanea’s Etsy audit was amazing and very helpful! She was thorough and specific with her suggestions. She was warm and friendly and took the time to answer all of my questions. She is one of my favorite Instagram accounts so if you don’t follow her, you should! I have seen a huge increase in sales and traffic to my shop. Highly recommended working with her!”

Nicole, CardsNCraftsStudio

“More Traffic to the listings she audited”

“Having another pair of eyes on my shop has been invaluable. I am so glad I had Tanea look at my shop listings as her tips have helped so much! I’ve noticed more traffic to the listings she audited and I’ve had a couple of sales already from them. I can’t wait to fix my other listings with Tanea’s tips!! Thank you so much!!”

Kelley, MaddieandMeHandmade

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